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In case you missed the demo video, all you do is simply (1) slide the EyeOnCam into your camera’s hotshoe, (2) tighten the thumb screw, (3) clamp in your video-playing mobile device, (4) start a funny video, (5) Take better pictures!
We offer amazingly affordable $3 flat rate shipping, per order, around the U.S.A. Even if you order 10 items, your shipping is still only $3! Shipments leave our facilities in 1-3 business days. The United States Postal Service says that you can expect “delivery within 2-3 business days in most cases”. You can contact us for special expedited shipping arrangements. Sorry, no international shipping at this time.
Hmmm…it probably won’t turn you into a pro, but it can definitely improve your picture quality and make photography a lot less frustrating.
If you’re not satisfied with your product, simply ship it back to us and we’ll refund the price of the product. We want you to be happy with your EyeOnCam clamp.

You can still use your built-in flash, but you won’t be able to attach a flash to your camera’s hotshoe while using the EyeOnCam clamp. But don’t worry. Many photographers prefer to use a side arm for their flash anyway. We include a special screw attachment that will allow you to use your EyeOnCam clamp on the bottom of your camera, in your tripod threads!

In our tests, most children kept their attention on the movie during the photo shoots, which is especially helpful when taking group portraits with multiple children. However, it’s important to make sure that you don’t play a boring movie….try something noisy and flashy. Some children just don’t like to watch movies. I haven’t met many of them, but they do exist. If you’re concerned, try playing a movie for your kid on your mobile device prior to making the purchase, to see how they respond.